Perfection > Progression

     A vast difference exists between cheerleading and gymnastics training.  Gymnasts are trained to perfect every skill prior to progressing to the next skill. Cheerleaders tend to be trained to progress as quickly as possible often times disregarding fundamental skills. Such training grants gymnasts the ability and confidence to learn new skills the correct way while minimizing fear and injuries.  Cheerleaders, however, tend to be subjected to instructional malpractice, safety hazards, and mental blocks.

     I created this blog to provide daily thoughts and musings to kindle a revolution in cheer tumbling!  I want to maintain an open dialogue that allows readers the opportunity to discuss tumbling philosophies, ask questions, and suggest topics.  I truly look forward to maintaining an open environment that fosters best practices in our industry!

A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.
— Albert Einstein