HouseCalls is a remote coaching service that grants parents and coaches with the opportunity to have their athletes virtually coached by Tumble Doctor™.  HouseCalls is perfect for any athlete looking for help on acquiring a new skill.

Click below for an example video.

*Higher Audio Quality for Actual Videos

The process is simple.  

  • Record a video of your athlete performing the tumbling skill that needs instruction.  

  • Upload your video to Dropbox®, Google® Drive, or email the video to  If you upload the video to a cloud, be sure to adjust your share options accordingly.  

  • Fill out the form below and be sure to include the link to the video

  • You will receive a receive response email confirming receipt of your form and video within 24 hours.  The response email will include a Paypal® link for payment submission.  The cost for the service is $4.99.  

  • Submit Paypal® payment of $4.99 by following the provided link.  Once your payment goes through you will receive a payment receipt.  You will receive your personalized HouseCalls video within three-five business days of your payment receipt.  

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Parent's/Coach's Name
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(i.e. Backtuck, Back Handspring, Full twisting layout)

Your agreement with us includes these Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms”) and our Privacy Policy (together with the Mobile Terms where applicable, the “Agreements”). If you don't agree with these Terms, then please don't use the Service

  1. Privacy
    Your privacy is very important to us. Submitted videos will never be shared, sold or redistributed without your consent.

  2. Video Length
    Each submitted video can be no longer than ten seconds and can only entail ONE standing tumbling skill or ONE running tumbling pass.  Videos that are not in real time (i.e. fast forwarded) will not be reviewed.

  3. Safety
    Neither Tumble Doctor, LLC nor it's affiliates are liable for your athlete's safety.  The videos will be engineered to maximize your athlete's safety, however, injuries happen and Tumble Doctor, LLC will not guarantee your child's safety.  So, TRAIN SMART.

  4. No Guarantee
    Tumble Doctor will always give the best, most appropriate advice possible.  Tumble Doctor, however, will not guarantee that your athlete will ascertain any submitted skill.