Cheerleading is an exciting sport experiencing exponential growth, but too many athletes have not been taught proper tumbling progressions: A leading cause for mental blocks and injuries.  Tumble Doctor is dedicated to alleviating such disparities by providing world-class training to cheerleaders and coaches.

Tumble Doctor's™mission is to instill, within athletes, the necessary tools to achieve tumbling goals through proper progression, technique and self empowerment 



My gymnastics career was propagated by a zealous father who strongly believed that he could teach his three year old son a backhandspring.  My father tied a belt around my waist, and told me to try and throw myself backwards.  My mother told me that she watched as her 'baby boy' proceeded to jump back and land on his neck.  My father told me to try again, but my mom said, "No!  He needs a professional to help him so he doesn't end up in a wheelchair."  And the next day, I was enrolled in a gymnastics class.  

I trained as a competitive gymnast for 10 years.  I graduated college with a degree in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics from Michigan State University.  I matriculated into medical school for year, but then, much to my parents' chagrin, I decided to drop out after the first year.  After coaching gymnastics for a year, I enrolled into Michigan State University's Broad School of Business where I obtained a MBA in Finance.  

I have had the opportunity to train athletes and teams all over the world.  I strongly believe that my tenure as a competitive gymnast grants me with a competitive advantage over most tumble coaches who, like my father, have the best intentions, but can lack the know-how on how to train and spot athletes.  I am always looking to work with new organizations!  Definitely fill out the contact form if you would like to schedule a camp or clinic.

Tumble Doctor™ is USASF certified for Tumbling levels 1-5 and AACCA certified. Federal/state background checks and child abuse clearances can be provided upon written request.