What Happens when...

you combine four hours of [weekly] intense tumbling training, nutritional guidelines, daily conditioning homework, mandatory book readings, community service, injury prevention, and collegiate coach interactions?

The Residents program began last fall at JK Gymnastics in Broomall, PA.  My coaches and I spent an ample amount of time developing training curriculums, homework, nutritional guidelines, etc.  Our goal was simple:  Create the best cheer tumbling program in the country.  Now, I do not believe that we have ascertained our goal as of yet.  I can, however, say that a total of 15 athletes successfully completed the program.  15 athletes achieved at least one new tumbling skill.  15 athletes donated a total of 500 pounds of food to a food bank for Thanksgiving.  15 athletes read two books [pertinent to confidence and positive thinking], wrote book reports, and made changes to their diet.  As a tumbling coach who has traveled the globe and worked with tens of thousands of athletes, I can promise you that I have never seen progress like I saw at The Residents this past fall.

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